Our central aim is to make green schools for everybody inside this era, and this way the SFGS works straightforwardly with instructors, understudies, directors, chose authorities and groups to make projects, assets, and organizations that change all schools into solid learning situations.

Biological Literacy (greening educational modules and expert improvement)


Each understudy and each instructor will build up a complete comprehension of the fundamental examples and procedures by which Nature supports life, and how these biological ideas identify with practical human groups.

Learning It by Living It (greening offices and operations)


The school will green its offices and embrace and exhibit ecological standards, for example, the 3Rs (diminish, reuse, reuse), renewable vitality, energy productivity and asset protection. This will take into account an experiential “spot as instructional method” showing approach, and will improve the natural consciousness of understudies and staff who see their school using green practices on an everyday premise.

Ecological Ethic (greening hierarchical conduct and mentalities)


All individuals from the school group will build up an individual and aggregate code of obligation to Nature, the Earth, and future eras that involves imperatives on individual behavior and institutional approaches, and apply this ecological ethic alongside practical improvement standards when settling on choices that influence the school.

SF Green Schools can give a stable situation to understudies and staff, while advancing biological supportability, by utilizing other options to lethal chemicals, seeking after green building and upkeep works on, changing their asset utilization designs, serving nutritious nourishment, and instructing understudies to be stewards of their groups, the Earth and its assets.

There is a colossal open door — an excellent assertive minute — for kids to find out about natural supportability, ecological wellbeing, sustenance, moral obligation, and initiative through their hands–on investment in making their own particular schools more advantageous, more productive, practical, and beautiful places for learning.