The ultimate aim of any environmentalist organization is to make the world a greener place to live.

SF Green School is a non-profit organization of nature advocates, who work hand-in-hand with students and their concerned parents and guardians, teachers, directors, different school boards to recreate campuses a greener atmosphere more conducive to learning.

1. Eco-Lit


SF Green School believes that before we can realize our goals and visions, we must first refresh the ideas of all parties concerned. We formulated modules and educational materials for ecological literacy, thus the term Eco-Lit.

Our modules are ideal for any individual within the community, though it targets key players within the academe – students, instructors, and the board of directors. We have creatively yet realistically written modules to illustrate how a greener school benefits us in many ways.

2. Greener Practice


We practice what we preach while we encourage everyone from our partner institutions to live what they learn.

SF Green Schools promote more than 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle). We implement other modules for a greener environment for sustainability and a higher asset productivity and protection.

3. Eco-Ethics


SF Green Schools share this with our partner school groups: that with our birth in this planet include our human rights and responsibilities.

We pay back and forward for our existence and lives. We pay it back to Nature that has played a significant role in our beings and then forward to younger generations who will pick up from where we’ll leave off.

We believe that is imperative for everyone to live an environmentally ethical life, as much as we believe that schools should be a venue for mental and social advancement while being responsible for the environment.

These goals served as a matrix for SF Green Schools. If you share the same beliefs, thanks and keep up the green work.