Your donations will color more schools green. Help us in our drive to make schools closer to the environment while nurturing student’s dreams of success.

SF Green Schools have reinforced sound ecological atmosphere in campuses not only in California but also in other states. We would like you to join us in our goal to make these dreams possible for the whole country and the world.

Where Do Donations Go

A significant amount of your donations goes to our copyright and administration expenses for the modules we creatively and realistically formulate for a greener educational atmosphere in campuses.

Majority of the collected fund goes to the 6 Steps to a Greener School program, where we:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Donate energy-efficient light bulbs to public schools; while we arrange discounts for private institutions.
  • Hold Environmental Fairs in K-12 campuses.
  • Make Earth Day special with celebrations and events.
  • Set up rain and organic gardens.
  • Educate others of our cause for a greener world.

Donate Online

We gladly accept donations thru Paypal, Authorize.Net and Dwolla. SF Green Schools and our volunteers have trusted these sites through the years in allowing donations to go online through secure interfaces and minimal transaction fees.

Dwolla, for example, allows pledges within the United States to incur only a $0.25 charge per donation.

Checks and EFTs

Let’s say you support our movement yet are not comfortable in making online gifts and would like to send us a check instead; we would like to thank you in advance. We understand how important you value your privacy and account information.

In any event that you opt for check donations, please make it payable to:

SF Green Schools
1942 Delaware Ave
San Francisco, CA 94107

For Electronic Fund Transfers and other modes of contribution, such as securities and bonds, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have made efforts to make these options possible for your convenience.

Help Paint the World Green

Each dollar you donate helps us in various ways. We value any amount that comes from your heart. Rest assured that each dollar will be well spent on making the world a healthier and ecologically sound.