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Diatomaceous Earth: The Natural Cleanser, Pesticide, Detox And More

Few of the world’s best minerals of our present days were created in the ground an incredible number of years in the past… for example natural gas, petroleum, etc. These are being removed from fossils and processed afterward so that they might be used in the forms we are using them.

Quite simply, these rocks are created from living organisms and microorganisms that resided and died years back, millions of years back. These rocks have been created from the skeletal fossils that are normally found at the bottom of the seas or ponds. They are classified as sedimentary rocks. Diatomaceous Earth can also be constructed from sedimentary rocks, which are made up of ‘diatoms.’ Diatoms are a different type of algae which has a shell on its single-celled body.

Many types of research think that diatomaceous rocks are a miracle and a gift from nature. This is because all of these natural rocks play an essential role within our daily existence. You can learn about these diatoms by visiting http://diatomaceous.org/ Let’s have a quick look and discover why this fossilized earth is recognized as essential?

What Makes Diatomaceous Earth So Essential?

Natural Pesticide

Diatomaceous earth, also called diatomite is abbreviated as DE. Various kinds of Diatomaceous Earth are made by different processes, to be able to meet diverse needs. Food quality DE is mainly utilized in agriculture. It’s utilized as being a natural pesticide that kills bugs very securely. Aside from getting used as a pesticide and mineral pesticide, DE can be used to avoid clustering of milled flour.

Fodder For Animals

DE can be used as a fodder for animals. It functions as a cleansing agent within their body and therefore enhances overall diet absorption.

Soil Desiccant

Diatomaceous Earth plays a large role in soil management science. When combined with the soil it truly does the work like a desiccant. A desiccant is one thing that soaks up moisture in the surrounding, and by doing this, it keeps the nearby dry. In farming or farms, DE can be used to dry spots that retain excess moisture. Therefore, it provides the apt quantity of dryness needed for those plants to develop. Diatomaceous Earth can also be utilized in stables, chicken coops and barns to purify the soil of their toxic fluids.


Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth powder can be used as a cleansing agent for humans, in addition to for other creatures.


Diatomaceous Earth can be used as a medication against earthworms and unwanted organisms in all creatures, including humans. It’s scientifically proven that around 80 % of the population and many of our pets host earthworms or unwanted organisms inside their alimentary track. They remain fairly asymptomatic to some certain extent, and surely they steal the body of their nutrition.

For this reason, they are classified as unwanted organisms because they survive nutrition consumed by another body. Diatomaceous Earth functions on such earthworms and unwanted organisms and gradually kills them. The procedure does not cause any dangerous reaction inside the user’s body.

Against Fleas And Ticks

Another wonderful domestic utilization of DE is its application as being a pet product. Diatomaceous Earth kills ticks, fleas, lice along with other dangerous insect that creates infections in dogs and wild birds. Powdered DE could be spread around the pets to ensure they are safe from such dangerous microorganisms. It’s entirely safe even when pets consume it internally.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe To Use?

The risk involved with using diatomaceous earth is minimal. The silica shards work to kill pests using physical, not chemical, methods. This is what separates this insecticide from the competition and makes it the ultimate pest control. Because of its non-chemical basis, DE is safe for humans to handle According to some studies, breathing in large quantities of DE can have detrimental effects.

The studies at this time, however, are inconclusive. At this time, there is no reason to believe that breathing in DE is any more damaging than breathing in large quantities of clay dust. Extended over long periods of time and you may start to see negative effects, just like a potter working in a dirty studio will start to experience adverse effects from breathing in clay dust.

If you feel concerned with breathing in DE, you can always wear a face mask when using it. However, know that this insecticide is minimally dangerous if it can be viewed as dangerous at all. It appears to be about as dangerous as clay (ie-not dangerous at all).

In fact, diatomaceous earth is so safe that humans can even ingest it! Since it is safe and effective, DE is the ultimate in pest control. Don’t hesitate to start using and seeing the benefits of the diatomaceous earth today.