companyWe are proud to categorize ourselves as a non-profit organization made of advocates for a cleaner and greener environment. At the beginning of the 21st century, we knew it was time for our mission.

We established SF Green Schools in 2001 with a set goal to recreate a more ecologically sound atmosphere for students on their campuses.

A significant number of our members are environmentally concerned parents worried about the limited exposure of their children to a green ambiance. Even our volunteers share this anxiety. While technology gets more advanced, there are instances when nature recedes. Hence, we collaborate on structures, educational programs, and group efforts to accomplish this mission.

SF Green School works with various school boards within the state to promote community-driven methods for a well-balanced learning environment. We imagine that while we strive for these schools to maximize their student’s academic potential and capabilities, we must also nurture nature appropriately.

SF Green Schools dreams of a greener and smarter environment. Our team believes that as we encourage joint effort between the community and the academe, we develop a stronger, more holistic approach that enables our goals for the community and younger generations.

It is our way of paying forward to our juniors, the students, who will take on the world after us, with us. It is also our way of saying thanks to nature for providing us an avenue for development in our lives.