3 Reasons Why You Should Pick A Green School For Your Child

“No, honey. We’re not enrolling you in a school painted green all over. You’re also not attending an outdoor class the whole year.” This was my neighbor’s witty answer to her daughter’s frantic inquiries about green schools.

Parents of younger kids get these innocent questions all the time, and we’ve got a lot of explaining to do. Well, we do not need to be extreme environmentalists to be able to talk about the benefits of an ecologically sound campus.

If you don’t have much to say to your child, don’t worry. Let me list down three advantages to convince your young one in attending green schools.

1. Better Air Quality, Less Sick Days


Studies show that students with asthma tend to miss a few days of school and incur approximately $700 on additional medical expenses per child per year. Sadly, a missed school day may also mean a lost work day for the parents.

Green schools help reduce these absences and extra costs by improving the indoor air quality in campuses, especially in public schools. These efforts also include reducing local irritants in the air, such as cigarette smoke, mold, air pollution and dust mites.

2. Superb Audio Quality


In any academe, especially in K-12 environments, it is best for the students to hear the lectures well with reduced noise.

Greener efforts make sure that schools get superb sound quality by installing the necessary acoustic equipment, such as ceiling boards and HVAC systems.

3. Better Training for the Future


With our kids spending most of the day in schools, they are most likely to pick up things they learn, bring these lessons home and grow up with these in mind. Students who attend green schools tend to develop better care for the environment than those who don’t. In general, these kids become more practical and smarter in life.

These are just three reasons why you should consider a green school for your kids.