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Goal-oriented to put each understudy in a green school inside this era.

Established in 2001 by parent-environmentalists who were stunned by how un-natural their children's schools were and prepared to enhance the ecological well-being and environmental maintainability of schools in the U.S. We trust it is fundamental to ensure youngsters' welfare - at school and on the planet past school - and we work to catalyze and bolster "green" activities by children, instructors, guardians, and policymakers to decrease the ecological impression of schools by:

  • Wiping out toxics
  • Utilizing assets economically
  • Making green schoolyards and structures
  • Serving sound sustenance and
  • Instructing environmental proficiency and stewardship.

The natural effect of the 130,000 open, private and contract K-12 schools, which instruct or utilize 1 in 5 Americans, is colossal, in budgetary, biological and well being terms. The effect incorporates a large number of massive amounts of nursery gas discharges, a huge number of huge amounts of trash and lethal waste, and introduction to unfortunate conditions that influence understudies' capacity to learn. A developing collection of confirmation demonstrates that "green" schools that coordinate reasonable offices, sound operations, and natural educational program result in ecological and monetary investment funds, enhanced wellbeing for understudies and staff, and better scholastic accomplishment.


We work to change schools into models of maintainability for groups, connecting with youth in hands-on, request based learning and activity to enhance the well-being and supportability of offices and operations. We advocate for strategies, event arrangements, and expert advancement that foster elite, cost-productive, and scholastically fantastic schools. Our work concentrates on preparing instructors, guardians, office executives, school board individuals and others in our "7 Steps to a Green School" approach; giving the devices and assets to bolster schools in lessening their natural impression; and pushing for state strategies that backing stable and manageable schools and ecological education.

We have prepared around a large number of teachers from 200 schools and areas. We center our endeavors on K-12 schools and regions all through San Francisco, California; and we work together with and bolster associations and people in different states and broadly.

The SF Green Schools is a generally volunteer exertion, depending on devoted guardians, instructors, staff, and School Board individuals to begin Green Teams and execute green school programs in their own groups. We give preparing, backing, and support to influence their endeavors. We additionally set up key associations with other instruction, environment, and wellbeing associations, and eco-accommodating organizations.

SF Green Schools is an undertaking of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, a non-benefit association enlisted as an open philanthropy, which gives non-benefit status and financial organization. Gifts are completely assess deductible.

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